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How to install laminate and floating flooring video

Recent nation-wide surveys prove that laminate flooring retains its popularity among Americans with such time-proven material as vinyl coming close second. Vinyl flooring (sheets and planks available on the market) is resilient, robust and especially suitable for high-traffic areas; universally acclaimed great look and abundance of colors, patterns and textures being another advantage of vinyl flooring sheets. Cheap and easy-to-install they are perfect alternative to genuine wood or stone, which […]

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Types of Wood Flooring

Wood flooringis a great way to bring comfort and style to your house. The number of different types of wood flooring these day is quite astounding.There are two types of wood flooring when it comes to their structure – solid and engineered ones. Solid wood flooring suggests a single piece of wood used for making of the plank. Engineered wood flooring is produced by binding of several layers of veneers […]

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Armstrong Vinyl Plank Flooring

As life speeds up, more and more people choose easy-to-install, quick-to-clean resilient flooring with great longevity and affordable price. Laminate comes to your mind almost immediately; however, recent achievements in chemical industry provide a perfect alternative for areas with high traffic: vinyl plank flooring. Long are gone the days when polyvinyl chloride was suitable only for records; vinyl plank flooring (patterns, colors, shades and textures being available in great varieties) […]

Wood vinyl flooring planks

Vinyl composition and self stick tile

Over decades laminate flooring was used by numerous households across the United States, its resilience, affordability and longevity being the reasons for immense popularity. However, in areas distinguished by heavy traffic (namely, a hallway, kitchen and bathroom) VCT (or vinyl composition tile) proves to be even more suitable, due to its incredible durability, abundance of colors, patterns and textures and unsurpassed moisture-resistance. Designed especially for consumers with moderate DIY-skills vinyl […]

Staggering Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl wood floor

For the majority of people wood is the most desired type of flooring for their houses, but the prices for such material can be very expensive. Fortunately, there are several alternatives that are just as good-looking and sturdy, but cost a lot less. One of such alternatives is wood vinyl flooring. Wood vinyl flooring planks look exactly like real wood thanks to carefully selected colors and authentic-looking textures. It is […]

Wide Plank Hardwood

Wide plank wood flooring. Description and installation.

When you think about interior design whether it’s a new building or a renovation project you are always keen to find a modern flooring material which is easy to work with and that looks incredibly when installed. Many Americans believe laminate (and, in particular, laminate plank flooring) to be this ‘philosophical stone’ of design. However, wide plank wood flooring has the same installation advantages as any other plank flooring, since […]

Anti-static Vinyl Floor Tile

Vinyl floor tile. Description and installation.

When asked about the qualities of flooring they appreciate most, consumers all around the country name practicability, affordability and exciting appearance, which, of course, are bywords for laminate flooring and vinyl floor tile. In a world full of strain and stress everyone wants a freedom of self-expression which is not fettered by the flaws of material they work with, and, speaking of vinyl floor tiles, there is no better flooring […]

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How to install laminate wood flooring

There are numerous reasons why people choose laminate for their flooring material. One of these is the ease of installing laminate wood flooring. The process is generally simple enough to be carried out single-handedly, especially if you’re good with your hands. The main steps are practically the same, no matter whether you are installing laminate wood flooring in kitchen, living room, bathroom, or any other room of the house. The […]

Click Vinyl Plank Flooring

Self adhesive vinyl floor tiles

Floor tiles have long been used for the flooring purposes because of their practicality. The amazing thing about floor tiles it that they resist oils, moisture and different household chemicals. This flooring is easy to maintain and clean, that’s why it is often used on kitchen and bathroom floors. When we talk about do-it-yourself installation, there is nothing better than self adhesive floor tiles. These types of tiles come with […]

Engineered Flooring 190mm

Engineered Hadrwood floor. Features and cost.

It is really hard for someone who is not a specialist in the area to tell the difference between an engineered wood floor and the one covered with laminate. Laminate is famous for its innumerable variety of colors, patterns, forms and sizes, and it can easily copy appearance of engineered wood floorboards. Nonetheless, some households prefer engineered wood floor (brands of which are aplenty)to laminate one; reasons for this may […]

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Types of wood flooring

There is no denying that wooden floors look great. They give the room a stylish, expensive, yet at the same time cozy and warm look. Unfortunately, it costs an arm and a leg to install quality hardwood, and most home-owners just can’t afford such a luxury. The good news is that it is now possible to have the same wooden look in your home without overpaying for the wood and […]

Luxurious Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl flooring roll and reviews of vinyl flooring

Vinyl has been used for flooring purposes for many decades and these days this resilient and durable material only continues to improve. It has a whole list of benefits such as high resistance to water, different kinds of surface’s resilience and has a great assortment of colors and original designs. Besides that, it is easy to clean and doesn’t require any special treatment after installation. Vinyl flooring roll is one […]

Retrieve Engineered Wood

Engineering hardwood flooring. Reviews are great!

About engineered wood floors. It is generally agreed that laminate flooring has the best quality/price ratio on the market. Some consumers, however, be it for ecological awareness or classic approach to design or mere affluence, incline towards engineered wood floors. Reviews from major DIY magazines prove that there is a stable and never-ceasing nation-wide demand for engineered wood floors; pros and cons of this flooring material are avidly discussed on the […]

Wood Flooring Options

Cheap wood floors and wood flooring options

It is a dream of a lot of people to have beautiful wood floors in their houses. It is completely understandable, because this flooring is not only absolutely cozy and beautiful, but it is also going to serve you for many years to come. It is generally quite hard to stumble upon cheap wood floors. Home depot and Lumber Liquidators are some of the places to consider as they often […]

Brazilian Cherry engineered wood flooring

Engineered hardwood floor

Questions like ‘What is engineered wood flooring?’ or ‘What isengineered wood flooring made of?’ are quite common to be heard even from the most experienced DIY-consumers. The answer is that engineered flooring is a both cheaper and more technologically advanced alternative to solid wood flooring; it’s made of several layers of glued plywood being topped by a thin hardwood veneer. Engineered flooring is lighter than solid wood and it has […]